Can a person actually change? I have always wondered if that question even has a real answer. I think that people can definitely change their attitudes or opinions about something, because everyone comes out of certain situations with new perspectives that they couldn’t see before. But what about a part of their own character? That is where I usually find myself conflicted. I don’t see how someone can be one way and then totally different the next day. For example, mean people. It’s no secret that there are mean human beings out there that we all have to interact with each day. If a person is known for being mean than obviously there are some solid reasons for gaining that title in the first place. Our characteristics aren’t just phases we will eventually outgrow, they are parts of our individual dispositions.


One comment

  1. Rob Durham · September 3, 2015

    Remind me to read you the anecdote from Song of Solomon about the snake on Friday.


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