Parental Units

Don’t be mean to your parents. I have gotten into my fair share of arguments and disagreements with my mom and dad, but looking back on it I can honestly say that I was wrong 99% of the time. They are there to make you strive to be the very best version of yourself. Even if some of us can’t see it that way, it’s still something that should really be kept in mind. I always think about how no one else knows what our mothers’ heartbeats sound like from the inside except for us, and that thought really leaves me speechless. MOMS ARE REALLY COOL. They know where EVERYTHING is in your house. Dads are great, too. My dad has always been one of my best friends. We have the exact same humor, so I can always count on him to laugh at my lame jokes. Thanks to him I know how to jump start a car, kind of. He got me my own personal tool box for Christmas last year, and although I have yet to use anything from inside it I still know it’s eventually going to be a good thing to have around. But anyway, appreciate the sacrifices your parents have made and will continue to make for you. They’ve been rooting for you since day one.


One comment

  1. haleymunn · September 8, 2015

    So true Hollie! Where would we be without our moms-probably lost


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