I Promise I’m Not Mad

I am unfortunately a victim of Chronic Resting Bitch Face. It is definitely a real thing. Almost every single day, I have one person say to me, “Oh my god, Hollie, what’s wrong? You look so mad,” when in actuality I am not mad or angry or upset or any other kind of negative emotion, it is just my face! I guess when I have a blank look on my face it appears to be really pissed off. It’s not like I can change the way my face naturally rests whenever I am zoned out or not paying full attention to what is happening around me. For example, people always tell me that when they saw me walking down the halls earlier that I looked really mad at them, but that is not the case. I don’t intentionally try to give someone a mean or scary look. It has gotten so bad that I pretty much try to dodge eye contact with other people in the hallways all together just to avoid the CRBF issue. I know that I am not the only person that this problem has affected. Luckily there are other people out there who also give out the wrong impression based on their facial expressions. I’ll be in a pleasant mood and then one of my friends will come up to me and ask, “Did something happen? Why do you look so sad?” and my response is always, “I am not sad! I am totally normal and I have no control over how my facial expressions come off as sad!” CRBF follows me pretty much everywhere I go, too. I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and one of my relatives approached me and told me that I should wipe “that look” off of my face and enjoy myself more. I was so confused about what she meant because I felt that I was enjoying myself and having a good time, but then I remembered that I suffer from CRBF. But come on, do people really think I would choose to constantly wear a mean face? Of course I wouldn’t, but it also isn’t like I can just force myself to smile all day long, either. For everyone out there who also has to deal with this problem each day, I honestly feel your pain. I understand how annoying it is to always have to explain that you REALLY are not mad, seriously.


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