Whenever I start thinking about how college is already less than a year away, I begin making a list of all of the things I will miss when I leave. I’ll miss my parents, I’ll miss my dogs, I’ll miss being able to escape to my own bedroom, but most of all I think I will miss my little brother. Will and I have been partners in crime since the day he was born. My two older sisters are only 14 months apart so they have always been a duo, which made me and Will pair up because we are only 2 years apart from each other. He has always been my little brother, but in the past few years he has also become my closest friend. Once he got out of that awful “12 year old boy who thinks he is the coolest thing to ever happen” phase, we started becoming great pals. This year he started high school, and it’s so fun seeing him in the halls in between classes because we haven’t gone to the same school in years. I have watched him mature so much over the years and I really am impressed with the type of kid he became and continues to become. He is loved by so many people because he just has this kind of magnetic personality. All of my friends enjoy hanging out with him and consider him one of their own friends, too. When I go to school next year it is just going to be him in the house with my parents. It’s crazy to me how fast our household went from having 6 members to only 4, and soon it’ll be only 3. It seems like just yesterday all 4 of us kids were being dropped off at Holy Infant elementary, because there was actually a time that we all were there at the same time which is really weird to think about. There are home videos we have of me and Will back from when I was 5 and he was 3. We are in the living room holding hands dancing all around to “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne. It’s one of my favorite old videos because it is a good representation of me and him. We are always having fun together. He’s my go to person for whenever I want to have a last-minute adventure or whenever I have a rant that I need to get out of my system. I know he’ll be a phone call away next year but it still makes me sad that we won’t be across the hall from one another anymore.


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