7 More Months

September 25th really sneaked up on me. I kept thinking to myself, “Oh, you don’t have to worry. You will easily end up getting eight blog posts with 400 words, no problem!” But here I am with this being only my sixth 400-word post. I guess I failed in handling my time wisely. I typically get my work done when I am supposed to and I never miss due dates, so I am very upset with myself for this error. I don’t have anyone or anything else to blame for it other than myself and not realizing how quickly weeks tend to go by during senior year. It is so crazy to me how it is already the end of September. It feels like just yesterday it was the middle of August and I was whining about how hot it will be by the end of the day when I get in my car to leave school. Is this how senior year feels for everyone? It is definitely flying by already. Once Halloween comes and goes, the rest of the year will be gone in the blink of an eye. I am both excited and nervous for that. Yes, I am for sure ready to be out of high school and onto the next part of my life, but I am also scared to adapt to a completely new scene. I have never been a huge fan of change and this is going to be the biggest change I have had to face in my seventeen years of life. I struggle to adapt to new things because I am naturally shy and it takes me a while to break out of my shell. I have always been quiet by nature and I don’t necessarily consider it to be a bad thing. I appreciate how I am comfortable with keeping to myself. I know some people who can not go a day without doing something with someone else, whereas I enjoy making plans to hang out alone. I hope that once I actually go to college I will be able to put myself out there more. I look at some people who can easily enter a new place and mingle with other people and I almost feel a little envious of them. I don’t worry about people judging me or anything, I just don’t have a lot of skills in showing that outgoing side to myself.


One comment

  1. Rob Durham · September 25, 2015

    Being done with high school is like raising your hands on a roller coaster. You still have the support there, but it feels a lot freer at the scary parts.


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