I can’t think about anything other than Taylor Swift and her music for the next four days of my life. Next Tuesday I am going to the 1989 concert and I AM SO EXCITED. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. People can say that she is a serial-dater all they want, but I have loved her from day 1. It’s not that I relate to ALL of her songs because I don’t, I love her music so much because she is so great at putting her own feelings into actual words. Ever since I was eight years old and I heard her first single “Tim McGraw” come on the radio, I have been a devoted fan. With each album she has put out since then, I have been more and more amazed at how good they all are. She not only has the ability to write her own lyrics, but she can also perform them on multiple instruments and sing them. It makes me sad that in the past she has only been recognized for who she dates or who she breaks up with, that is not the main point of why she is in the spotlight. In 2012, she released her fourth album, Red. Red was one of the most beautifully devastating albums I had ever heard and she deserved so much recognition and appreciation for putting an album out into the world that was so personal and so deep, but instead of that all she really got from the media was backlash about her relationships and inconsiderate speculations about which song was about celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles. The purpose of her writing and releasing music is to connect with other people who respect her work and it is mean when people are only listening to criticize her personal choices. She has said before that when Red came out, her heart broke a little because people were not focusing on the music; they were putting all of their attention on making her personal life a huge joke. Luckily when her newest album came out in 2014, people finally began to form opinions about her based upon her newfound sound rather than who she chooses to involve herself with. 1989 is a new sound to mirror her new life. She doesn’t let negative attitudes towards her affect who she believes she is as a person, and I think that is a very brave thing to do.


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