to the left to the left, everything you own in a box to the left

I think that feeling of jealously about wanting what you can not have is misleading. It’s like when you see something, or in some cases someone, that once belonged to you. You know that you no longer have any claim over whatever/whoever it is, but there is that little part of you that feels envious of the fact that someone else gets to call it their own. But let’s say you do get this thing/person back, then what? Do you even still want it? Probably not, you just wanted to be able to say, “Haha, look what I have again!” There is a reason you gave the it up in the first place, do not forget about that. Just because some time has passed, there is still no actual guarantee that it will work out any differently than it did the first time around. A good example of this is seeing a picture of someone you used to be involved with or something. At first you get weird feelings about seeing him or her out and having a good time with someone else and you are like, “Wait a second, we used to go there together all of the time. How come you’re going there with her now?” and then you unintentionally start to go down memory lane. You then obviously reminisce on all of the fun times like singing in the car, going out together, and all of the cute little things you said. What you forget to remember is how annoying that person got after like ten minutes. You forget to remember how they always got mad whenever something didn’t go their way. You forget how they would cancel plans with you just to go hangout in one of their sketchy friend’s basement. Once you start reminding yourself of these little but also relevant downsides, it is a lot easier to just continue scrolling down Instagram when you see a picture of them with a new person. They have new people they are hanging out with, but you also will have new people at some point too. I think that it’s usually just that first moment where you notice that something you had is no longer yours, but it is okay once you just think about it for a minute rather than quickly thinking back to the warm and fuzzy times. Is this something other people do, too? I hope it is, because it if isn’t than I probably sound nuts.



  1. haleymunn · September 30, 2015



  2. Rob Durham · October 1, 2015

    Oh the things I could write…I battled with this in my 20s. Social media and exes don’t mix!


  3. madidefoe · October 1, 2015

    this is me


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