Yesterday I took my dog Castlewood. His name is Hank Williams Jr. Godfrey, but he goes by Hank. We got him in July of 2014 when he was still a puppy and I really didn’t like him at first. It was not my idea to get a new dog, but my dad loves making extremely impulsive decisions like buying a puppy. We already had another dog who was good enough for me. Her name is Maggie and she’s really old and really blind, but she is my favorite thing in the whole world. Okay back to the point. Hank has come a very long way since last summer. He used to chew up all of my things, get into the pantry, and run off whenever you weren’t looking. But now he is a really good dog, surprisingly. He will do anything you say if you bribe him with an ice cube. He has grown on me and I usually don’t get sentimental with my pets but when I was at the park with him yesterday I started thinking about how sad I will be without him next year at school. Our pets are just tiny parts of our detailed lives but for them we are all they really have to look forward to. I forget that he jumps all over me when I come home because he is literally THAT excited to see me.



I always picture college classes to be the way you see them in movies and on TV. I picture a huge room with steps going up and rows of desks on each level and then a big chalkboard for the professor. My sisters explained to me that most of the time that is not how college classes look and that instead they are actually really similar to high school classrooms. I am a little disappointed about that because I was expecting something a little cooler. As for professors, I don’t have any specific ideas about how they will be. I feel like they would probably be a little more laid back compared to a high school teacher just because of how college students tend to be. They are basically adults so they must not get treated the same way high schoolers get treated. The relationship a professor makes with their students is probably not as strong as high school teachers because professors have much bigger classes and a lot more faces. They may be more strict on their deadlines and due dates because college students are old enough to know when they have something due and to take responsibility for their own time-management.

Probably Senioritis

I feel like I am starting to slip into that phase where you all of a sudden stop focusing on your schoolwork and lose motivation to do anything about it. It happens to me every year, but usually during the third quarter. Maybe it is hitting me so soon because 1) I’m a senior and 2) I’ve already been accepted into the college I wanted to be at next fall. It’s not that I enjoy losing interest in my classes, it’s just that I literally can’t find the effort in me to do stuff. This doesn’t really apply to this particular class, though. I guess that’s because in creative writing there are a lot of smaller assignments that don’t feel suffocating enough to have a negative attitude towards it. In my stats class I am really slipping. It is a lot of different factors all coming together that are causing it. For example, I have never been good at math and I already know that I never will be. Another thing is that the teacher I have teaches in a way that is SO outlined and not very personal at all, so it seems like he is just going through steps and then the lesson is over. He looks at the wall in the back of the room when he is going through the notes rather than looking at our faces. But I am not the type to blame a teacher for my grades so I know that he definitely isn’t the only reason. I am in sports literature and I keep missing a bunch of little things that are due and I don’t have an excuse for it other than I got caught up with other things and then totally forgot about the class. Over the weekend, a rough draft of our research papers about “what needs to change in sports” (heads up for anyone reading this: don’t take sports literature if you know nothing about sports because I know nothing about sports and I feel like an outsider in the class) was due on google classroom for 10 points and I missed it. I just didn’t think about it once over the weekend. I know that I need to get it together before November because I can’t keep this going and then end up completely bombing my finals. I’m just bored with everything right now.


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Not only is Hollie Suzanne Godfrey a three-time winner of the Good Citizenship award from Holy Infant Elementary School, she is also a fresh, new short story author. When she is not spending time with her family and friends, you can usually find her drinking hazelnut coffee or reading about the latest Taylor Swift news. She plans to attend the University of Missouri in the fall of 2016 and begin studying communication disorders and speech pathology.

I was tardy today

Who was the person who came up with the idea of having late starts become a replacement for half days? I want names so I can personally tell whoever it was that it was the worst possible idea they could have had. The amount of inconveniences that come along with having late starts is so annoying. Maybe for some people it works out, but I know for people like me it is awful. Because school starts later than usual, I always think to myself “it won’t matter if I stay up a lot later than normal tonight because I will get more sleep anyway” on the Sunday night before late start. I don’t get more sleep though because I wake up at 7:30 anyway to shower or finish homework. Then, the traffic on a late start day is worse than normal start days. The lights on Clarkson and Kehrs Mill are only green for maybe 5 seconds which is ridiculous. Whoever programs those things should take into consideration that the entire student body is trying to get into the Marquette parking lot around 9-9:46. The classes are shortened but they still feel long, and I actually get out later in the day on late starts than I do on other days. I leave school at 1:15 every afternoon because I am in the CCE class, but on late starts I leave at 1:45. I was a freshman when we had early out days instead and those were so much better from what I can remember. A lot of my teachers complain about late starts, too. I’m a senior so this will be my last year in high school, but I really hope for the sake of all future students that early out days will eventually make a come back.


I’ve been trying to make a really difficult decision all day. I leave school after fifth hour everyday so the time has come to choose. Do I want to get Chipotle or Panda Express on my way home? UGH.


After crashing her car, Fiona wants nothing more other than to get herself situated at Darnell Bed & Breakfast for her brief stay. When she arrives, however, she soon realizes that what she hoped would be a peaceful, quiet visit turns into a life-altering experience.


Isn’t it so weird how each day we all pass thousands of faces and think absolutely nothing of it? I started thinking about it this morning after third hour ended and the bell hang rung. As I was walking towards my next class, I bumped into this one kid who I went to grade school with for nine years. My old school was a private school so it was really small, meaning everyone knew everyone. Although we spent kindergarten through eighth grade together, me and him were never THAT close, but I still know a lot of random facts about him. I have not spoken to him since eighth grade but I have always known that we both went to Marquette. Anyway, me and him bumped into one another today. We both automatically apologized for being in each other’s way and then we moved on. He knew who I was and I knew who he was, but it did not matter. It doesn’t matter that I know he is a huge baseball fan and it doesn’t matter that he knows I used to play soccer in grade school. Then I started thinking about how there are so many other people who I pass everyday in the halls at school that I KNOW OF but don’t actually know. I don’t know, it’s just strange. There obviously is never going to be enough time to get to know each person you pass by, but things would be so different if there was. Think of all of the cool people who you do not know. You could have an entire group of potential friends out there that you will never have an encounter with, but if you did you would probably hit it off with them right away. Then take that thought of all of the people in high school and apply it to the entire world. That thought makes me feel so so small. It’s kind of overwhelming, actually. There are tons of places I would like to go and tons of people I would want to meet, but it isn’t that simple. Everyone has their own lives and their own friends and I don’t even think about that when I see a random face pass by me. They aren’t just faces, they are real people with real lives.

too bad we are all tone-deaf

I am feeling a little disappointed about how my mom and dad never put me and my two older sisters into musical lessons or anything like that. I went to the Taylor Swift concert on Tuesday night (which by the way was the best night of my life) and one of her opening acts was a girl band called HAIM. The three members of HAIM also happen to be sisters. I had never heard of them before the concert, but from what I saw they seem really cool. They had a very alternative/different kind of sound. I wanted to hangout with them by the time their set was done. It made me start thinking about how I am also part of a family with three daughters and how in some other life, we could have been just like HAIM. My sister, Kellie, is the oldest and also the smartest, so she would naturally become the ringleader of our band. Keri is very serious so she would not only perform but she would probably like to manage it, too. I am the most creative one out of the three of us (although Kellie would strongly disagree, saying she is the creative one but she’s not) so I would most likely be the wildcard who can play all kinds of cool instruments. Maybe if we had come up with a girl squad/musical group many years before, WE could be the ones opening up for Taylor Swift and doing other awesome famous things. Instead, Kellie teaches first grade, Keri plans events, and I am still in high school. I’m sure it is not too late to form this theoretical band, but it wouldn’t be as fun now. It would be way more authentic if we had started this when we were little, and we would get bonus points for cuteness.