too bad we are all tone-deaf

I am feeling a little disappointed about how my mom and dad never put me and my two older sisters into musical lessons or anything like that. I went to the Taylor Swift concert on Tuesday night (which by the way was the best night of my life) and one of her opening acts was a girl band called HAIM. The three members of HAIM also happen to be sisters. I had never heard of them before the concert, but from what I saw they seem really cool. They had a very alternative/different kind of sound. I wanted to hangout with them by the time their set was done. It made me start thinking about how I am also part of a family with three daughters and how in some other life, we could have been just like HAIM. My sister, Kellie, is the oldest and also the smartest, so she would naturally become the ringleader of our band. Keri is very serious so she would not only perform but she would probably like to manage it, too. I am the most creative one out of the three of us (although Kellie would strongly disagree, saying she is the creative one but she’s not) so I would most likely be the wildcard who can play all kinds of cool instruments. Maybe if we had come up with a girl squad/musical group many years before, WE could be the ones opening up for Taylor Swift and doing other awesome famous things. Instead, Kellie teaches first grade, Keri plans events, and I am still in high school. I’m sure it is not too late to form this theoretical band, but it wouldn’t be as fun now. It would be way more authentic if we had started this when we were little, and we would get bonus points for cuteness.


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  1. Rob Durham · October 2, 2015

    I didn’t know HAIM was three women. Every radio song I’ve heard just sounds like one girl and a bunch of computerized music. It’s not bad, I just didn’t think of them as a “band” band. That’s why live music is so much better I guess.


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