Isn’t it so weird how each day we all pass thousands of faces and think absolutely nothing of it? I started thinking about it this morning after third hour ended and the bell hang rung. As I was walking towards my next class, I bumped into this one kid who I went to grade school with for nine years. My old school was a private school so it was really small, meaning everyone knew everyone. Although we spent kindergarten through eighth grade together, me and him were never THAT close, but I still know a lot of random facts about him. I have not spoken to him since eighth grade but I have always known that we both went to Marquette. Anyway, me and him bumped into one another today. We both automatically apologized for being in each other’s way and then we moved on. He knew who I was and I knew who he was, but it did not matter. It doesn’t matter that I know he is a huge baseball fan and it doesn’t matter that he knows I used to play soccer in grade school. Then I started thinking about how there are so many other people who I pass everyday in the halls at school that I KNOW OF but don’t actually know. I don’t know, it’s just strange. There obviously is never going to be enough time to get to know each person you pass by, but things would be so different if there was. Think of all of the cool people who you do not know. You could have an entire group of potential friends out there that you will never have an encounter with, but if you did you would probably hit it off with them right away. Then take that thought of all of the people in high school and apply it to the entire world. That thought makes me feel so so small. It’s kind of overwhelming, actually. There are tons of places I would like to go and tons of people I would want to meet, but it isn’t that simple. Everyone has their own lives and their own friends and I don’t even think about that when I see a random face pass by me. They aren’t just faces, they are real people with real lives.


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