I was tardy today

Who was the person who came up with the idea of having late starts become a replacement for half days? I want names so I can personally tell whoever it was that it was the worst possible idea they could have had. The amount of inconveniences that come along with having late starts is so annoying. Maybe for some people it works out, but I know for people like me it is awful. Because school starts later than usual, I always think to myself “it won’t matter if I stay up a lot later than normal tonight because I will get more sleep anyway” on the Sunday night before late start. I don’t get more sleep though because I wake up at 7:30 anyway to shower or finish homework. Then, the traffic on a late start day is worse than normal start days. The lights on Clarkson and Kehrs Mill are only green for maybe 5 seconds which is ridiculous. Whoever programs those things should take into consideration that the entire student body is trying to get into the Marquette parking lot around 9-9:46. The classes are shortened but they still feel long, and I actually get out later in the day on late starts than I do on other days. I leave school at 1:15 every afternoon because I am in the CCE class, but on late starts I leave at 1:45. I was a freshman when we had early out days instead and those were so much better from what I can remember. A lot of my teachers complain about late starts, too. I’m a senior so this will be my last year in high school, but I really hope for the sake of all future students that early out days will eventually make a come back.


One comment

  1. Rob Durham · October 12, 2015

    And it increases busing costs by $60,000 per year! They’ve been trying to fix that light for years, but the county won’t cooperate.


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