Probably Senioritis

I feel like I am starting to slip into that phase where you all of a sudden stop focusing on your schoolwork and lose motivation to do anything about it. It happens to me every year, but usually during the third quarter. Maybe it is hitting me so soon because 1) I’m a senior and 2) I’ve already been accepted into the college I wanted to be at next fall. It’s not that I enjoy losing interest in my classes, it’s just that I literally can’t find the effort in me to do stuff. This doesn’t really apply to this particular class, though. I guess that’s because in creative writing there are a lot of smaller assignments that don’t feel suffocating enough to have a negative attitude towards it. In my stats class I am really slipping. It is a lot of different factors all coming together that are causing it. For example, I have never been good at math and I already know that I never will be. Another thing is that the teacher I have teaches in a way that is SO outlined and not very personal at all, so it seems like he is just going through steps and then the lesson is over. He looks at the wall in the back of the room when he is going through the notes rather than looking at our faces. But I am not the type to blame a teacher for my grades so I know that he definitely isn’t the only reason. I am in sports literature and I keep missing a bunch of little things that are due and I don’t have an excuse for it other than I got caught up with other things and then totally forgot about the class. Over the weekend, a rough draft of our research papers about “what needs to change in sports” (heads up for anyone reading this: don’t take sports literature if you know nothing about sports because I know nothing about sports and I feel like an outsider in the class) was due on google classroom for 10 points and I missed it. I just didn’t think about it once over the weekend. I know that I need to get it together before November because I can’t keep this going and then end up completely bombing my finals. I’m just bored with everything right now.



  1. Rob Durham · October 19, 2015

    Just out of curiosity, since my research has senioritis a subtopic… Does peer feedback influence your senioritis at all? We’ll do one, possibly two more assignments that will be longer than the blurb and bio using blog feedback. Does knowing that other students will read it influence your motivation? Yes? No? Let me know about this–honesty is appreciated!


    • heartilyhollie · October 19, 2015

      I think peer editing/feedback influences my motivation in a way that makes me try a little less hard at first knowing that my two partners are going to give me tips/advice on how to make my work better.


      • Rob Durham · October 19, 2015

        Ah–interesting. I listed that as an option on the survey you’ll take later this week as well. Thank you!


  2. madidefoe · October 19, 2015

    i quit trying every year :/ danget


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