I always picture college classes to be the way you see them in movies and on TV. I picture a huge room with steps going up and rows of desks on each level and then a big chalkboard for the professor. My sisters explained to me that most of the time that is not how college classes look and that instead they are actually really similar to high school classrooms. I am a little disappointed about that because I was expecting something a little cooler. As for professors, I don’t have any specific ideas about how they will be. I feel like they would probably be a little more laid back compared to a high school teacher just because of how college students tend to be. They are basically adults so they must not get treated the same way high schoolers get treated. The relationship a professor makes with their students is probably not as strong as high school teachers because professors have much bigger classes and a lot more faces. They may be more strict on their deadlines and due dates because college students are old enough to know when they have something due and to take responsibility for their own time-management.


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