How is it really already November? I remember thinking about how badly I wanted this school year to go by… Don’t take it personal guys, I am just really done with being in high school. It has never been my thing. Back in August I was hoping for a fast year but I never thought it was going to go this quickly. There are many reasons for wanting to be finished, one of which being that I am ready to be in college. I see pictures on Instagram of people I know from last year who graduated and are now living it up in college and I want to that to be me. I want to have fun times the way I see them having them. Maybe I’ll miss it when I actually do graduate, but I am thinking that that’s pretty unlikely. Soon enough it’ll be December and then the entire first semester will be over with. Only six more months then we are out of here. My little brother is a freshman this year and I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like. I don’t think anyone could pay me enough money to relive my four years of high school. Like even if someone offered me $100,000 I would still probably say no. I am probably being a little dramatic though, and I despise my fourth hour class so my current mood from just being there is probably influencing what I’m talking about.


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