Floaters can be very annoying. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, floaters are the people who will randomly appear in and out of your life whenever they feel like it. If it’s someone who once mattered a lot to you, then the whole waiting game of wondering when they’ll send you a text saying “hey” or a snapchat asking you “what’s up” can really drive you insane. Yes, I understand that if I don’t like it I can easily just block their number all together and call it a day, that way I would never have to worry about it again. Blocking someone is much easier said than done, I think a lot of us can agree on that. You go into blocking someone thinking, “Oh yeah, this will show them how much I don’t care. I can’t wait for them to notice that I’ve blocked them.” But the reality of it is that they probably won’t be that affected by it the way you hope they’d be. It’s like you don’t want to talk to them, but at the same time you want them to talk to you. Blocking someone makes it seem like you’re the one with the upper hand, but I think it’s the exact opposite. I think it gives the OTHER person all of the “power” because it’s as if you’re going to extreme measures just to prove that they don’t matter, even though they definitely do. You think you don’t need them and that you just want them to need you. Isn’t that a little twisted? Maybe it all comes from the need to be needed, or at least maybe that’s where it comes from for me. I love feeling like I’m a necessity. Floaters always win when it comes to me. I always end up responding to them.


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  1. haleymunn · November 12, 2015

    I am the same way Hollie. Floaters are my weakness. I never worded them as “floaters” but that word is perfect for them. I think blocking people is pretty immature.

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