The Tail of Maggie & Hank (Yes, I meant to spell tail that way)

Once upon a time there was a dog named Maggie. Maggie was a very special pet because she could not see. Even though Maggie couldn’t see anything, she was still as happy as can be.

One day, Maggie’s family came home with a surprise. They got a new dog named Hank! Hank was also a special pet just like Maggie because he did not have a tail. Maggie did not like Hank very much. She didn’t want another dog in the house. She would bark and growl at Hank. Whenever Hank wanted to play, Maggie would say no. Hank was sad because he just wanted to be Maggie’s friend.

As Maggie was walking down the stairs one day, she accidentally tripped! When she fell, Hank ran over to help.

“What happened?” Hank asked.

“I fell down the stairs because I can not see.” Maggie said.

“Well I’m different, just like you. I can’t wag my tail because I don’t have one!” Hank said.

“Thank you for helping me.” said Maggie.

From then on, Maggie was nice to Hank. She knew that she would be sad if someone was not nice to her, so she became Hank’s best friend.

The end


One comment

  1. miasopapilla · November 12, 2015

    Creativity: 2

    Lesson: 2

    Following Guidelines: 3

    Questions or comments I have for the writer to help increase creativity: I’m a little unclear as to what the lesson is. I feel like it could be a variety of things. If it’s that you should be nice to other people because you’d be sad if they were mean to you, maybe you could tie in an example somewhere that showed how Maggie was sad because someone wasn’t nice to her, so it made her realize that she shouldn’t be mean to Hank because now she knows how she makes him feel.

    Other feedback I want to share: I think if that lesson ^ is the lesson you were trying to show, it’s a good one! Maybe just give a few more specific details or examples to help develop the lesson and characters a little better!

    LOVE IT!! 🙂


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