good people really do exist

I decided to get myself an m &m mcflurry on the way home from school today. It was kind of an “in the moment” decision but I thought TGIAT (Thank God It’s Almost Thanksgiving) and wanted to celebrate. The drive thru line was really long but once you’re in one of them, you’re bumper to bumper and there’s no easy way of getting out. I was sad that I would have to wait like 10 minutes just to order a mcflurry while the people around me were probably ordering actual food. When I finally rolled up to the payment window the worker goes “the woman in front of you paid for your mcflurry!” AND  I WAS SO HAPPY. I was so shocked that people actually did such random acts of kindness. That lady was trying to do a nice thing for me, a person she has never met and knows nothing about. It made my day 10000 times better knowing that nice people are out there doing nice things for strangers even though they don’t get anything other than anonymous appreciation from people like me. Next time I go through a drive thru line I will pay for the person who ends up behind me, I hope this chain that lady has started today with me never gets breaks.


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