It’s been a while

Hello, it’s me again. Although I haven’t posted anything on my blog since December, I have continued reading it almost daily because I like knowing about what my peers have been up to even if we aren’t that good of friends. (Is that creepy? I swear I am not a creep.) Anyway, just because me and my blog took a little break from one another, I’ve still been writing in my journal from class everyday. It’s weird because when I was younger, as in elementary school, I always kept a diary and I always updated it with all of my 4th grade drama and secrets. When I took creative writing, I found it hard to write my thoughts down on an actual sheet of paper rather than just keeping them inside my head. I got used to it quickly though, I guess I have all of the diary-keeping years to thank for that. I am back to religiously writing in a journal again (I will call it a journal from now on because “diary” is way too juvenile at this point in my life) and I think it has been a really good thing for me. I am going to try to continue blogging too though. So don’t you worry followers (all 44 of you), I am not going anywhere. You can all finally get some sleep knowing that I am still going to blog, I’m sure my brief absence kept you up at night.


One comment

  1. Rob Durham · January 12, 2016

    At my age I call it a “Captain’s Log.” haha –glad you’re still writing!


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