older sisters aren’t nice sometimes

It seems like when it comes to choosing family over friends, I’ve always gone with family. I mean, shouldn’t that be the obvious choice?

My oldest sister, Kellie, is 24. She’s very mature and professional, she’s always been that way. She has been my go-to girl for pretty much everything I need some advice on or help with for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, she has become a notorious flaker. She says she will do one thing, but in the back of her mind she already knows she has no intention of following through with it.

Two weeks ago I called her and asked if she would be able to help me out with something for one hour this Saturday. (I learned early on that if you need her for something, ask her far in advance.) She told me she’d be able to come over (She has her own place) and help me out, no problem. I foolishly believed her even though I had plenty of reasons to question her promise. I sent her a reminder text on Monday saying, “Don’t forget about Saturday please!!! :)” And she replied with, “I won’t forget, don’t worry!” So I thought that I had nothing to worry about this time with her. Last night I found out that I thought wrong. I texted her, “So you’ll come over at noon on Saturday? I only need your help for an hour or so” and Kellie said, “OMG! I’m sorry I can’t come over anymore! I’m going out at 8 a.m. for Mardi Gras festivities! Hope everything works out though!” EXCUSE ME?

First of all, it’s not the fact that she won’t be around to help me, it’s the fact that I asked her WEEKS ago and she agreed, up until she found better plans to party. I wish I could say that this is the first time she’s blown me off for her friends, but it’s not. This happens all the time with her. To me, picking your friends over your family is so unacceptable I can’t even begin to understand what she’s thinking. Maybe it’s just me being hypersensitive, or maybe it’s just Kellie being selfish. I get that she’s in her 20s and she’s having a fun time, but that doesn’t seem like a valid excuse to ditch me, her younger sister who just needed her help for a little while. I wasn’t asking for much from her. I asked her to help me for an hour, but all I got was familiar disappointment and hurt feelings.

I would never even think twice about putting my family before my Mardi Gras partying schedule, but I guess everyone is entitled to make their own wrong decisions…


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