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This is a reminder to take care of yourself. I hear that saying a lot, and it is good advice. It’s also sometimes difficult to accomplish, particularly when you don’t even know what it is that you need. I haven’t had an anxiety attack in awhile, but I had one lately, and I’m writing more for myself than for […]

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Today is my 18th birthday! Even typing that sentence out felt so weird. I remember thinking about how I was so excited for my 10th birthday, then my 16th birthday, and now my 18th birthday. Soon enough I’ll be saying that it’s my 21st birthday, which will also be my golden birthday! Time flies faster with each year that passes.

What I really wanted to post about is the senior superlative I was just told that I won. I won “Next Best-Selling Author” and I am so shocked and surprised and happy. I know that I never would have won that had it not been for taking Creative Writing first semester and actually publishing a short story. I never took into serious consideration how useful and fulfilling and IMPORTANT writing truly is before this school year began and I just wanted to say thank you for whoever put my name down for that superlative, whoever has read my short story, and whoever continues to read these blog posts. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

spinning like a girl in a brand new dress

I am hungry. I took a sneak peek in my lunch bag this morning (Yes, my mother still packs my lunch everyday) and I saw that she gave me PIZZA. I AM VERY HAPPY I GOT PIZZA. So naturally, I am feeling extra hungry this morning because I know what is waiting for me at 11:25. I must be patient.

In other news, tomorrow is prom!!! Don’t be too fooled by my use of three exclamation points, I’m not that excited. Prom last year was stressful and I mean STRESSFUL. I was one foot in one foot out about the whole thing to begin with, and my at-the-time loser boyfriend didn’t make it any easier. So why would I choose to go again this year if last year was so not enjoyable? That’s actually a really good question and I don’t think I have a solid answer at the moment. Maybe it’s because I was afraid of falling victim to FOMO. I thought my FOMO days were long behind me, but from time to time I still do end up feeling kind of sad when I miss out on something. Plus, I won’t get another prom after this year, so I had to take the chance while I still had it. I’m much happier to be attending this year’s prom with a guy friend rather than a boyfriend, though. To me, events are always a lot more fun when you go with your friends rather than your current boyfriend. Especially when your boyfriend is from a different school because then he tends to be extra needy and clingy towards you when you’re just trying to have a good time with your pals! Okay I’m being a little mean, he wasn’t that bad. Still though, no thank you.

I’m on a time crunch starting at 2:10 today. I thought I was getting out at 1:15 just like any other day, but I have to stay because of the awful EOC schedules. I need to get my nails done right after school because I have to work at 4 for my manager who by the way, NEVER COVERS MY SHIFTS BUT I ALWAYS TAKE HERS. Then I will probably get off work around 9:30ish, so I will probably go home and go to bed, I have been so tired this week. Then I will have to wake up really early tomorrow morning because I need to run some last minute prom-related errands. I’m starting to sound a little whiny so I am going to end this post before I start complaining about how much I hate my dress.

Happy Friday!!!