spinning like a girl in a brand new dress

I am hungry. I took a sneak peek in my lunch bag this morning (Yes, my mother still packs my lunch everyday) and I saw that she gave me PIZZA. I AM VERY HAPPY I GOT PIZZA. So naturally, I am feeling extra hungry this morning because I know what is waiting for me at 11:25. I must be patient.

In other news, tomorrow is prom!!! Don’t be too fooled by my use of three exclamation points, I’m not that excited. Prom last year was stressful and I mean STRESSFUL. I was one foot in one foot out about the whole thing to begin with, and my at-the-time loser boyfriend didn’t make it any easier. So why would I choose to go again this year if last year was so not enjoyable? That’s actually a really good question and I don’t think I have a solid answer at the moment. Maybe it’s because I was afraid of falling victim to FOMO. I thought my FOMO days were long behind me, but from time to time I still do end up feeling kind of sad when I miss out on something. Plus, I won’t get another prom after this year, so I had to take the chance while I still had it. I’m much happier to be attending this year’s prom with a guy friend rather than a boyfriend, though. To me, events are always a lot more fun when you go with your friends rather than your current boyfriend. Especially when your boyfriend is from a different school because then he tends to be extra needy and clingy towards you when you’re just trying to have a good time with your pals! Okay I’m being a little mean, he wasn’t that bad. Still though, no thank you.

I’m on a time crunch starting at 2:10 today. I thought I was getting out at 1:15 just like any other day, but I have to stay because of the awful EOC schedules. I need to get my nails done right after school because I have to work at 4 for my manager who by the way, NEVER COVERS MY SHIFTS BUT I ALWAYS TAKE HERS. Then I will probably get off work around 9:30ish, so I will probably go home and go to bed, I have been so tired this week. Then I will have to wake up really early tomorrow morning because I need to run some last minute prom-related errands. I’m starting to sound a little whiny so I am going to end this post before I start complaining about how much I hate my dress.

Happy Friday!!!


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